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What's That Pounding Noise?

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A few residents have expressed their concern to the City over the seemingly incessant pounding noise that's been taking place over the last week or so.  Upon further investigation, it's been determined that the noise is a result of pile-driving near Candlestick Park (Harney Way) where SFPUC is constructing a new auxiliary sewer tunnel between the Sunnydale drainage basin (Visitacion Valley District) and the Sunnydale Transport/Storage Facility located just southwest of Candlestick Park. The new sewer tunnel will increase the capacity of the sewer collection system on Kelloch Avenue, Velasco Avenue, Talbert Street and Sunnydale Avenue during heavy rain periods.

The pile-driving at Harney Way was completed yesterday, but contractors of SFPUC will be moving to a new site (Sunnydale & Bayshore) early next week to begin pile-driving that will last for another week or so.  However, the level of noise that travels to Brisbane from this work should be largely reduced, as the area they will be working in will be only 25' x 25' (as opposed to the several hundred at Candlestick).  In addition, this location is much more shielded with structures in-between that will help absorb the noise.

If you have any further questions, please contact Kenya Briggs at (415) 554-0715 or via email at

Council Goal Setting Workshop

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Each year, the City Council kicks off the budget process with its annual goal setting workshop. Past workshops have been held on a weekend morning; however, this year, in order to allow more community input, Council decided to hold it on a Monday evening and have it broadcast on Channel 27.

The workshop will start at 7:30pm in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall.  Come and learn where the City stands financially now and in the future, its community values, and the key, present-day issues facing Brisbane.  To view the night's agenda and its accompanying staff report, please click here.

Possible Mountain Lion Sighting

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At approximately 4:12pm this afternoon, the Brisbane Police Dept. received a report that a mountain lion had been seen in the vicinity of Harold Street.  The mountain lion was last seen running away into the hills behind the residences.

Mountain lions typically avoid people and would rather avoid a confrontation. But if you happen to see one, DO NOT APPROACH IT. If you ever come across one, do not run. Rather, you'd want to first face the animal, make noise, and wave your arms so that you appear bigger. For more information about mountain lions, click here.

News about the sighting was first delivered over SMC Alert. If you haven't already signed up to receive electronic messages sent to either your phone or e-mail (or, both), you can do so by visiting Get signed up, and get informed!

Signboard Postings

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Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department
Tae Kwon Do Classes
Adult and Youth Classes
Info: 508-2143


Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department
Baseball Coaches Needed
For Various Ages & Teams
Contact 508-2144 for more info

2007-2014 Housing Element

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On Tuesday night, the City Council adopted the 2007-2014 Housing Element after very in-depth public hearings during 2010.  You can read the Housing Element in its entirety on the City's website by clicking on the image below, or by going to City Hall, the Library (250 Visitacion Ave.), or Madhouse Coffee (402 Visitacion Ave.), where a copy of the Housing Element is available.  Note: Madhouse Coffee is not an official posting place for the City; all agendas will be posted still at City Hall and the Library only, and of course online on the City Meetings page.  It will simply be a place for you to pick up a bound copy of important public documents such as the Housing Element to peruse, perhaps over a cup of coffee.  Thank you to Ron Davis of Madhouse Coffee for being so accommodating with his already-limited ledger space!

Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance will be considered by the Planning Commission and City Council through 2011 and 2012 to reflect the new Housing Element policies and programs.  The first of these is scheduled for the Planning Commission's Regular Meeting of January 27, 2011 and is regarding accommodation for housing for persons with disabilities and updating the height limit exceptions.  If you would like to get more information about the Housing Element, please contact the Planning Dept. at or call 415-508-2120.


Sgt. Kath Jackson Retires

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Last Saturday, at the Sierra Point Yacht Club, the career of Sgt. Kath Jackson was celebrated in a event hosted by the Brisbane Police Officers Association.  Sgt. Jackson is pictured above with her dear friend, and boss, Chief Lisa Macias.

Sgt. Jackson's career in Brisbane started with fighting fires, then she moved to fighting bad guys. By the time is was time to retire, Sgt. Jackson had done it all at the Brisbane Police Department, including what she is best know for, working with the K9 unit.  We wish her the very best as she embarks in this next, exciting, chapter of her life!  We'll miss you, Kath!

Lions Club at City Council

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At this past Tuesday's City Council Meeting, members of the Lions Club, led by Club President Ernest Filippo, presented the City Council with an American flag which they donated to the City.  Below is a picture of the flag being handed to Mayor Bologoff after members of the Lions collectively walked down the aisle.  As the flag passed those in the audience, everyone present rose to their feet.

Club member Lee Panza, and former Mayor Brisbane, proudly wore a vest that was full of pins which he received from Lions members world-wide at a conference in Brisbane, Australia.

The flag will have a permanent home at Mission Blue Center.  We are thankful for the many active service clubs and organizations within Brisbane that do so much to help build community.  To read about more community groups and their purposes, please click here.

Want to Report a Loud Noise?

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Neighbor playing loud music?  Hear a dog barking incessantly?  Then fill out a Service Request Form, which gets forwarded to the Police Department.  Someone will respond shortly thereafter.  If you want to help the Police Officer get to the bottom of the issue you're facing, please leave your name and indicate if you'd rather prefer to be contacted via phone or e-mail.  It will greatly help the officer help you!  Or, you can always call Police Dispatch at 415-467-1212 to report a non-emergency incident or other nuisances.

CPR, AED, and First Aid Classes

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North County Fire Authority is offering a series of CPR, AED, and FIRST AID CLASSES. Class size is limited to the first 10 registrants, after which a waiting list will be developed. For more information, check out the full schedule and guidelines or contact Elizabeth Solis at 650-746-8350 or

Signboard Postings

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Brisbane Elementary School
Kindergarten Registration
Begins Tuesday, Feb. 1st
Information: 467-0120
Airport Noise-Complain Now!
Call (650)  821-4736