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Civic Participation Project

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In an effort to hear what's on the minds of its residents, the City has started using UserVoice, a free web-based tool that allows for residents to voice ideas and suggestions, and for existing ideas in the forum to be voted up and down, depending on how much you agree with them.  As you can see when you go to the forum, renovating/replacing the Community Park play equipment tops the list. 

At this past Monday's Council meeting, a staff report outlining the various in-town projects as well as a proposal from the Brisbane School District was presented.  Council took no action at this meeting, since staff is still in the process of submitting a grant proposal, in the hopes of closing a $52,000 deficit between total project costs and the funds available to complete all three.  Final word on whether the grant is awarded the City will not be until November of this year. 

In the meantime, staff will be meeting with community leaders on the visioning work that's already been done in regards to the possible design of the new play equipment.  In the meantime, please check out the idea-sharing that's been going on specific to renovating/replacing the play equipment at the Community Park and weigh in! 

Community Garden Compost

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If you went by the SMCounty Fair, which rounded out this past weekend, you may have recognized a blue 1st Place ribbon with the name Brisbane located nearby.  That is because the Brisbane Community Garden took First Place (best of five entries) for composting at the Fair.  The Fair sent the bin and worm entries to a laboratory where they were judged on texture, smell, and quantity of live organics (microscopic evaluation). 

Congratulations to our Community Garden gardeners, and composters!

Signboard Postings

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 Posted 6/27/2011

Good Luck!
Brisbane Blast 96 Soccer Girls
Donosti Cup Tournament - Spain, July 3-9 @blast 96

Brisbane Community Pool
Water Aerobics Summer Hours
M/W/F: 9:15 am - 10:15 am
Tu/Thu:  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sat: 9:30 am - 10:30 am


Posted 6/22/2011

Brisbane Lions Club
Disaster Relief Fundraiser
Sun., June 26, 3-7 pm, 23 Visitacion Ave
BBQ Chicken Dinner - $12.00


Posted 6/21/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Softball Scorekeeper Wanted
Tues. and Weds. nights, $14.00/game
To apply call (415) 508-2143


City-Wide Garage Sale

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Help support the Brisbane Library!

Registration forms for the annual City-Wide Garage Sale are available at the Library - 250 Visitacion Ave.  The back page of the June edition of the City News also featured a registration form on the botton half of the page.

The City-Wide Garage Sale is a great opportunity to clear out that clutter that's been accumulating, find great bargains, greet your neighbors, and maybe even make a little extra money!  In addition, the Brisbane Lion's Club will be BBQ'ing in the Community Park, and the Humane Society will be bringing their mobile pet adoption unit to the Library again from 10:30am - 1:30pm.

Picture from the Friends of the Brisbane Library's facebook page.

Early registration cuts $10 off of your fee and ends on Friday, July 8th.  Everyone who registers by then only pays $15 and will have their location printed in the directory.  Registrations will be accepted after July 8th (for $25), but your address will not appear in the directory.  Once you register, you will receive your Registration Packet.

If you're interesting in renting a spot in town, please make sure you check the box on your registration form.  Space is limited!  For any questions, please call the Library at (415) 467-2060.  Here's to de-cluttering and bargain finds!

BES and Lipman Project Update

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Both the BES Restroom project and Lipman Slide Repair project are progressing as scheduled.  More visible work continues to be done each day.  If you go by the BES Field today, you'll notice a small excavator preparing the site area by grading, or making the ground level.  It's also going to be used to dig the footing where a small retaining wall will go.  A retaining wall is needed to keep the compacted gravel which the restroom will sit on in place, since the ground is naturally sloped.

The restroom facility be installed in the southeast corner of the field, between the backstop and the chain link fence that parallels San Bruno.

At Lipman, much larger equipment is needed.  That is because a much larger retaining wall is being constructed.  The below pictures show the hole being drilled for the pier (part of the support for the retaining wall), the contractor's workers setting the pier and making sure the pier is set at the required grade (elevation) and is plumb (straight). 

Stay tuned for more updates on the summer projects taking place in Public Works!

Dogs in the Community Park

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Currently, dogs are allowed in the Community Park when leashed (see section I of the Municipal Code, 6.14.020).  Also, their owners must pick up after them.  However, there have been complaints of both not being the case.  For that reason, one of the items on the Parks & Recreation Commission's agenda on Wednesday, June 15th, was the issue of dogs in the Community Park.   Before making a policy recommendation that could potentially affect many a dog owner in Brisbane, they decided to defer acting on this item until more residents could be informed and share their opinions.  Therefore, if you have any opinions or ideas about dogs in the Community Park, then please attend the next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting on Wednesday, July 20th at 6:00pm.  The Commissioners want to hear your thoughts on what can be a possible solution for this issue and ensure the Community Park remains an enjoyable and safe place for all.  Also, please check out the webpage the CDC has created, called "Healthy Pets Healthy People", which was recommended as a great resource by Commissioner Linda Almeida.

All Fireworks are Prohibited

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As we approach Independence Day, the Brisbane Police Department would like to remind citizens that ALL FIREWORKS ARE PROHIBITED – EVEN “SAFE AND SANE FIREWORKS” -

Fire Code Section 3308.1:

The possession, storage, sale, use or discharge of California State Fire Marshal approved "safe and sane" fireworks is prohibited within the City of Brisbane. (Ord. 525 § 2(part), 2007).

Please don't get caught in the act; the ticket just isn't worth it!  Thank you for helping keep Brisbane and its residents safe.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 6/17/2011

You are invited to: B. Baylands Community Advisory Group
Tues., 6/21/11 7-9pm, Community Ctr., 250 Visitacion
Speaker: Alex Lantsberg, Co-Chair
S. F. Alliance for a Clean Waterfront


Posted 6/10/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Youth Summer Camp
Limited Space Still Available
Information:  508-2140

PG&E Gas Line Update

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Last Monday, representatives from PG&E were back before the City Council, this time to talk about how they're enhancing the safety of the natural gas system, the various inspection processes they conduct on their natural gas transmission lines, and their customer outreach efforts.  Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation that was presented.  You may have heard that a portion of line that runs through South San Francisco had hydrostatic testing performed on it earlier in the week.  Hydrostatic testing involves pressurizing the section of the pipe with water to a much higher level than the pipe will ever operate with natural gas.  This verifies the capabiliy of a pipeline to safely operate and can also reveal weaknesses that could lead to defects and leaks.  No service disruption occur when the testing is taking place.  The representatives from PG&E also talked about the two lines that are located in Brisbane, Line 101 runs along Bayshore Blvd. and Line 132 runs through San Bruno Mtn. State Park, crosses West Hill Place, and north to Guadalupe Canyon Parkway. Line 132 is scheduled to be tested later this year.  When that time comes, we'll let you know through the website and City publications.  If you have any questions before then, please contact the newly-created PG&E Customer Care Gas Specialist Line, 1-888-743-7431 or visit


Upcoming Projects

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Now that school's out and the weather's cooperating, there's not a better time than now to the execute Public Works projects which previously were in the planning design stages.  One of them is the BES Restroom installation at the corner of the BES field.  In the next couple weeks or so, a contractor will be conducting initial site work and grading before the actual facility (which is being assembled off-site) will be dropped in place (literally) and hooked up.  This will bring an end to the porta-potties that the City has been paying rent for all this time.  The project is being funded entirely from Dedicated Park In-Lieu Funds, so the City isn't paying a dime.

Another project that we've mentioned to you in recent weeks was the Lipman Slide Repair project.  Right now, if you go by that field, you'll see very skilled welders working on the beams that will be part of the retaining wall that's being installed on the hillside.  Please exercise caution when playing on the other side of the field, and stay behind the orange construction fencing.

Lastly, Public Works Dept. staff will be meeting with contractors on Monday to set a date for when construction will begin on the Bayshore Bikeway Project, Phase 2.  Phase 1 allowed for a bike lane to be installed on Bayshore from the City's southern limits to Valley Dr.  Phase 2 will extend the bike lane from Valley Dr. to the City's northern limits.  More details on this project and when construction of the bike lane will begin to come.  The City and its biking enthusiasts are excited for this project, which is also being paid for through state and federal funds.