Request a Copy of a Police Report

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Accident Reports
Accident reports taken after 11/01/2011 are available instantly online through our partnership with Carfax. Click here.
Carfax charges a $5.00 fee for this service.
You may also follow the procedure below which is free of charge.

All Other Requests
Please use the following form to obtain a copy of an existing Police Report. This form is submitted to the Brisbane Police Department, Records Division. Alternatively, you can download it here, print it out and send/bring/fax or email it to 147 Valley Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005. Phone: (415) 508-2179 Fax (415) 468-2233,

I certify under the penalty of perjury that the information released hereunder will be used solely for the specific purpose noted above. The information will not be used to harass, degrade or humiliate any person, nor for any employment or related purpose. I further certify as to the need to fulfill official duties and obligations of my office and hereby agree to defend and indemnify the Brisbane Police Department for any liability arising out of improper use of the information provided.