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The Brisbane Police Department would like to share with you a list of significant events that are handled by the members of the Police Department. The police blotter is meant for information and for the interest of our citizens and does not indicate any difference in the levels of criminal activity as compared to past years.  The crime rate in Brisbane continues to be very low compared to other cities within San Mateo County.  The Brisbane Police Department continues to provide the highest quality of service to the residents and will continue to make our community a safe place to live and work. 

The Police Blotter consists of only those incidents or investigations that may be of interest to the general public or city staff.  It contains only a fraction of the total calls for service or self initiated activity that officers are engaged in during their shift.  For a more detailed list of police activity, you may request to view the police log at the station by contacting the Records Division.

Updates to the Police Blotter will be made around the 15th of each month for the prior month’s activity.

New Web Based Police Blotter! (Beta)

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[inline:Blotter October 2015.doc=October 2015]

September 2015

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April 2015

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[inline:Blotter December 2013.doc=December 2013]

[inline:Blotter November 2013.doc=November 2013]

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[inline:Blotter May 2013.doc=May 2013]

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[inline:Blotter December 2012.doc=December 2012]

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[inline:Blotter June 2012.doc=June 2012]

[inline:Blotter May 2012.doc=May 2012]

[inline:Blotter April 2012.doc=April 2012]

[inline:Blotter March 2012.doc=March 2012]

[inline:Blotter February 2012.doc=February 2012]

[inline:Blotter January 2012.doc=January 2012]

[inline:Blotter December 2011.doc=December 2011]

[inline:Blotter November 2011.doc=November 2011]

[inline:Blotter October 2011.doc=October 2011]

[inline:Blotter September 2011.doc=September 2011]

[inline:Blotter August 2011.doc=August 2011]

[inline:Blotter July 2011.doc=July 2011]

[inline:Blotter June 2011.doc=June 2011]

[inline:Blotter May 2011.doc=May 2011]

[inline:Blotter April 2011.doc=April 2011]

[inline:Blotter March 2011.doc=March 2011]

[inline:Blotter February 2011.doc=February 2011]

[inline:Blotter January 2011.doc=January 2011]

[inline:Blotter December 2010.doc=December 2010]

[inline:Blotter November 2010.doc=November 2010]

[inline:Blotter October 2010.doc=October 2010]

[inline:Blotter September 2010.doc=September 2010]

[inline:Blotter August 2010.doc=August 2010]

[inline:BlotterJuly2010.pdf=July 2010]

[inline:Blotter June 2010.doc=June 2010]

[inline:Blotter May 2010.doc=May 2010]

[inline:Blotter April 2010.doc=April 2010]

[inline:Blotter March 2010.doc=March 2010]

[inline:Blotter February 2010.doc=February 2010]

[inline:Blotter January 2010.doc=January 2010]

[inline:Blotter December 2009.doc=December 2009]

[inline:Blotter November 2009.doc=November 2009]

[inline:October Police Monthly Report 2009.doc=October 2009]

[inline:September Police Monthly Report 2009.doc=September 2009]

[inline:Blotter August 2009.doc=August 2009]

[inline:Blotter July 2009.doc=July 2009]   

[inline:Blotter June 2009.doc=June 2009]

[inline:Blotter May 2009.doc=May 2009]

[inline:Police Monthly Repot April 2009.doc=April 2009]

[inline:March Police Report 2009.doc=March 2009]

[inline:Blotter February 2009.doc=February 2009]

[inline:Blotter January 2009.doc=January 2009]

[inline:SIGNIFICANT EVENTS December 2008 .doc=December 2008]

[inline:Blotter November 2008.doc=November 2008]

[inline:Blotter October 2008.doc=October 2008]

[inline:september monthly.doc=September 2008]

[inline:Blotter August 2008.doc=August 2008]

[inline:Blotter July 2008.doc=July 2008]

[inline:Blotter June 2008.doc=June 2008]

[inline:Blotter May 2008.doc=May 2008]

[inline:Blotter April 2008.doc=April 2008]

[inline:Blotter March 2008.doc=March 2008] 

[inline:Blotter February 2008.doc=February 2008] 

[inline:Blotter January 2008.doc=January 2008]

[inline:Blotter December 2007.doc=December 2007]

[inline:Blotter November 2007.doc=November 2007]

[inline:Blotter October 2007.doc=October 2007]

[inline:Blotter September 2007.doc=September 2007]

[inline:Blotter August 2007.doc=August 2007] 

[inline:Blotter July 2007(1).doc=July 2007]

[inline:blotter JUNE 2007.doc=June 2007]

[inline:blotter May 2007.doc=May 2007]

[inline:blotter April 2007.doc=April 2007]

[inline:blotter march 2007.doc=March 2007]