Construction on Bayshore Now Starts 5/1

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Have you noticed the roadwork on Bayshore?  This past week, manholes were being lowered as part of the preparatory work for rehabilitating and re-paving Bayshore.

The actual Cold In-Place Recycling work is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 1st.

In the coming weeks, a crew will be continuing to prep the roadway for Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR), which is an environmentally-progressive way to rehabiltate a roadway, as exisiting asphalt is mixed with an emulsifying recycling agent and re-used.  The result when all has cured and dried?  A nice, paved roadway!

The hours that work is scheduled to take place are 7am to 6pm.  So, if you regularly take Bayshore to get to 101 S, plan your trip(s) to avoid the construction area.  It will be possible to drive on Bayshore while work prep work is being completed.

Stay tuned for further updates here and on the signboards.