Cannabis Businesses

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In September 2017, the Brisbane City Council adopted Ordinance 617, adding Chapter 17.33 to the Brisbane Municipal Code to regulate certain types of medicinal and non-medicinal cannabis businesses in the City’s commercial zoning districts.
Questions about the Ordinance and permitting process for cannabis businesses may be directed to the Community Development Department at (415) 508-2120 or

"Where and How Can I Establish My Cannabis Business?"

The Ordinance allows cannabis businesses (warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and delivery-only retail) as conditionally permitted uses in the Crocker Industrial Park (TC-1 District). Research and development involving cannabis will also be allowed in Crocker Industrial Park, Southwest Bayshore (SCRO-1 District), and Sierra Point (SP-CRO District). Click on the below image of the City's Zoning Map to view zoning district locations.
To apply for a Use Permit for a conditionally permitted cannabis business or testing laboratory, a Use Permit application and supplemental Cannabis Business Compliance Checklist is required, both available on the Planning Permit Applications page. Please note that in order to apply for a Use Permit or business license for a cannabis business or testing laboratory, a physical business premise is required.  There is no cap or limit for the types or number of Use Permits or business licenses issued for cannabis-related uses.

600-Foot Buffer from Schools & Daycares: TC-1 District 

Cannabis businesses in the TC-1 District may not be located within 600 feet of the nearest school and daycare in Brisbane. The properties highlighted in yellow in the map below are located within 600 feet of Lipman Middle School/Silverspot Co-Op and are ineligible for establishing cannabis-related businesses under Ordinance 617.
At their January 23, 2018 meeting, the Planning Commission recommended modifications to the Zoning Ordinance to eliminate the 600-foot buffer from schools and daycares applicable to new cannabis businesses in Crocker Park. The City Council is tentatively scheduled to consider the zoning text amendments at their March 15, 2018 meeting